luxury small kitchen

7 Worthy Renovation Ideas for Small Kitchens

Small kitchens, like small houses, seems to be trending lately. Millennials are drawn to them for their minimalistic feel and affordability. Gen-Xers like them for their organic approach to living and Baby Boomers seek ways to downsize while keeping their most prized possessions close at hand. No matter which demographic you relate to, your small kitchen renovation project must be carefully designed to cater to your needs and fit your personality. Continue reading “7 Worthy Renovation Ideas for Small Kitchens”

custom patio with pergola garden

All Possible Pergola Combinations You’ll Want To Know About

Backyard garden designs have become an extension of living space for Canadian homeowners; adding room for both relaxation and entertainment. While custom decks and multi-tiered patios dot today’s landscapes, to achieve the ultimate in comfort and usability during the hottest time of the day, features such as gazebos and pergolas are being added. Continue reading “All Possible Pergola Combinations You’ll Want To Know About”

decorative bench bucket

Outdoor Decor Elements Emphasizing Your House Style

As a homeowner, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about decor elements inside of your home.

You may be following all the design trends shown on HGTV or have a tried and true decor that fits your own personal style. No matter which you favour, there seems to be an endless supply of experts available to help you change things up whenever the mood arises.

But what about your outdoor decor? Continue reading “Outdoor Decor Elements Emphasizing Your House Style”

landscape design styles

Vibrant Landscape Design Styles for Your Backyard

For centuries, beautiful landscape designs have played a significant role in inspiring artists and laymen alike to explore their creativity, restore balance to their lives, and provide a sense of calm.

While the term “landscaping” often refers to trees, grasses, and flowerbeds, today’s homeowners can expect a much larger array of elements to be integrated into their master landscaping plan. Continue reading “Vibrant Landscape Design Styles for Your Backyard”

green deck chairs

7 Trending Backyard Makeover Ideas

Most homeowners are looking for ways to enhance their property by increasing the usable living space. A popular option is to expand to the outdoors, in particular—the backyard. Whether you have a large or small yard, tight budget or “the sky’s the limit,” you’ll want to consider some of the top trending makeover ideas Toronto and GTA residents are including as part of their customized outdoor retreats. Continue reading “7 Trending Backyard Makeover Ideas”

5 things to do hiring custom deck builder

5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Custom Deck Builder

Adding a backyard deck to your home is a big decision that will require a significant investment of time and money. A well-designed structure can enhance your property, provide an outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining, and add to the resale value of your home.

Hiring the right custom deck builder to handle your project is essential to obtaining a great final outcome, so you’ll need to do a little prep work before starting the process.
Continue reading “5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Custom Deck Builder”

deck maintenance tips to keep it safe

Deck Maintenance You Must Do To Keep It Safe

Backyard decks and the extra outdoor living space they provide have been popular additions to Canadian homes for many years, and the trend is continuing. The key differences between today’s decks and older ones are the availability of a larger number of decking materials, fastening methods, and configurations. What hasn’t changed is the importance of caring for and maintenance of your deck – no matter its shape, size, or type of material it’s made from.
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custom deck Toronto project

How to: Build a Perfect Deck

If you’re like most successful Toronto business executives and professionals, finding the time and place to escape the daily rigors of your job and lifestyle can often be challenging. From early morning meetings to “middle of the night” emergency calls, it seems as if you never have any time for yourself or your family.

By adding a custom deck to your home, you’ll have a new place to enjoy a few quiet moments sipping coffee before work, savoring a romantic evening under the stars with a loved one, or planning a weekend barbeque with friends. The possibilities are endless and can all happen from the comfort of your own home.
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