Decks & Porches

There are a variety of high-performance options available when determining which decking material to use. Recent technological advancements have added several low-maintenance products to choose from that provide long-lasting beauty. You should compare a product’s durability, maintenance, aesthetic appeal and price when deciding what’s best for your application.

Absolutely, we welcome your input on where you’d like to purchase decking, hardware and specialty features. If you’re unfamiliar with where to obtain these materials, we’ll be happy to offer recommendations for suppliers that meet our high standards of excellence.

Yes, KP Construction holds liability insurance with coverage up to $5,000,000. For additional peace of mind, every project we do comes with 3 years warranty on decking and finishes, and 5 years warranty on structural.

Yes, you will need to obtain deck or porch building permit prior construction. Markham residents can read more here, Toronto residents read here

On average design and planning process takes 2-3 weeks.

No. Design and planning provide peace of mind while saving time, materials and effort.


Only when if structural works are performed. Examples: underpinning, beam alteration.

Yes, we inspect your basement at initial meeting.

Yes, we can do it for you. However, you are not limited to get help from other companies.

We strongly recommend you to hire professional mold and mildew basement.


No. However, some of the element such as gazebos etc. structures

Yes, we help you to obtain your permits.

Our designer offers conceptual design and final 3D rendering.

Yes, allowed. However, depends on a specific case additional charges may apply. Some interesting questions can also be found here


Meeting with our designer and project manager to discuss the details and to do surveys.

On average it takes 2-3 weeks.

It will depend on a specific project’s complexity.

Yes, allowed. However, depends on a specific case additional charges may apply. Here you can find more specific questions.


It will depend on project’s complexity and amount of work.

We offer big variety of pattern. However, you can always offer your ideas and suggestions.

Natural stone looks better but has less durability. Artificial stone is durable and looks almost like natural but looks Read advantages and disadvantages here.


2-3 months. Obtaining permit takes the most of time.

Depends on the scope of work (complexity, amount of work)