Parking shed didn’t have inward wall or door and was a part of the backyard.

Deck 3D Design & Planning Stage

Proposed Deck Plans

Once the planning stage was approved, our team moved on to the next stage with 3D design images.

Old Deck Removal & Site Preparation Stage

Deck Construction Stage

No changes or additions were required during the construction process.

Finished Deck

Project Location

Toronto, Ontario

Purpose & Requirements

Place for family and friends to spend time during warmer seasons.



Design and build inward sliding door to hide parking area. Deck must have privacy screen on one side, BBQ spot not blocking traffic area and blend in with lawn area. Must fit a group of up to 6 people.


Challenges & Solutions

Experts at KP Construction offered layout options based on client’s requirements. Limited space in the backyard in terms of allocation of the design elements. As many houses in DT Toronto, the property doesn’t have a driveway, was difficulties with delivery and storage of materials. The ground deck was created at the same level with a soil level, a lot of soil was removed and backfill added in order to maintain proper drainage under the deck structure. The existing garage structure was in bad condition, was reinforced and covered with plywood to have ready for finishes.

Materials & Elements

The deck structure and all finishes from Brown Pressure Treated material, all finished surface was stained, metalwork and welding used for the construction of floating bench and barn door, 10mm tempered glass panels, artificial grass, path form natural stone slabs, Boxwood shrubs, backfill gravel for required drainage.