Exterior Work – During Construction


Exterior Work – Final Result


Interior Work – During Construction


Interior Work – Final Result

Project Location

74 Wingold Ave, Toronto

Purpose & Requirements

This project was a huge undertaking as it involved both interior and exterior work to a building used for housing IT servers. We had to ensure the environment was dust-free and that there would be no interruptions to their services as our crew made structural changes. Some of the challenges included cutting the roof and welding the columns with working servers in the vicinity.

For exterior work, we installed a steel structure for new roof units on top of an existing roof, this allowed us to increase the height structurally.  Additionally, we had installed a new garage door.

For the interior work, we framed a 70-foot wall and installed drywall. The electrical conduits were taped as well. As part of the project, we had all installed fire-rated doors.