KP Construction is a premiere custom build and renovation business. Built on a foundation of honesty, quality craftsmanship, careful planning and design, plus fast/accurate proposals, we are committed to turning every client’s vision into reality. Our unique, professional, time-efficient approach to planning and 3d visualization means every all-season project—residential or commercial, interior, structural, landscaping or mechanical works—is designed with the client’s peace of mind as a priority.

Interior Finishes

Interior finishes are the most visible and sometimes the most expensive components of renovation work. Our team of interior specialists are proficient in helping guide clients to choosing the best products for their project and then providing impeccable results with every phase from drywall hanging and taping, to exceptional painting, to seamless finish carpentry, to stairs refinishing and more.

Structural Projects

With years of experience designing and building residential and commercial structural projects, KP Construction utilizes only best practice methods for high-quality outcomes in framing, steel structures, concrete work, welding and other components of the build. We value every client relationship and promise to provide realistic budgets, 3d imagery, and timeframes for completing every phase of the project on time and as expected.

Landscaping Projects

Exterior landscaping projects incorporate a variety of projects such as interlocking patio blocks, French drains, plus tree and shrub plantings. Our skilled specialists will listen carefully to each client’s requirements and work diligently to create a successful, functional, and beautiful landscape design.

Mechanical Projects

The mechanicals are at the heart of every renovation project, and KP Construction understands the importance of each component selection for long-lasting performance. Our skilled and experienced technicians will ensure that the HVAC system, plumbing and electrical mechanicals all meet high standards relating to quality materials, installation, and operation.